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Toyama Yatsuo Tourism Association

 Many tourists visit Etchu Yatsuo town in the Owara-Kazenobon Festival.
 Then,if you go back to your usual everyday life, you will find a quiet townscape with the sound of  water from stone pavemented road gutter.
   You can get a glimpse of the original scenery of Japan.
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  about cancellation of Kazenobon stage performance


  In 2021, Owarakazenobon Festival was canceled to prevent the spread of covid19 infection.

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General Incorporated Association Etchu Yatsuo Tourism Association


 2898-1 Kamishinmachi, Yatsuo-town,   Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture

 TEL: 076-454-5138

 FAX: 076-454-6321

 E-mail :

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