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The "Hikiyama Festival", a spring festival of Yatsuo that has been inherited since the 1740s,
It is a symbol of the prosperity of the Yatsuo merchant who prosperous  the production and trading of raw silk, silkworm seeds, Japanese paper, and charcoal.
Hikiyama and local performing Owarakazenobon that have been handed down in this rich life.
At the exhibition hall, you can always see three Hikiyamas along with hear the elegant sound Hikiyama Hayashi.

User guide

Admission fee

                     General                    Group(20 people or more)            Group(100 people or more)

adult         500yen         450yen            400yen

Child         300yen         270yen            240yen

(less than high school students)

Child         free


Admission fee reduction

                     Admission fee   NB

one person with a disability and one caregiver         250yen   50% Exemption

those who present an outing commuter pass and Silver Pasca   250yen   50% Exemption

Outing support project with grandchildren  ※1          free    Admission is free if you fill out the application form at the counter

※1 Grandparents living in Toyama City, Takaoka City, Imizu City, Oyabe City, Tonami City, Nanto City

Opening hours

9am-5pm (Admission is until 4:30pm)

closing day

Year-end and New Year holidays (Dec 29-Jan 3)

Etchu Yatsuo Tourism Hall (Avenue)

Post 939-2342

2898-1 Kamishinmachi, Yatsuo-town, Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture
Phone  +81 076-454-5138

Advantageous discount system

Visiting the Hikiyama Exhibition Hall and eating around
Discount coupons that come as a set
A great discount with a rental bicycle with electric assist
With electric assist
For two grandpa and grandchildren (elementary school students)
are free set
Let's stop by while driving!
This is a JAF affiliated discount facility. 10% off admission

Facility map

Silkworm and
(Exhibition room 3)
   Akiji World   
(Exhibition room2)

Rest area 

Hikiyama artistry (Exhibition room1)

アンカー 1

Hikiyama Exhibition Hall

Birth of Yatsuo Hikiyama

The origin of Yao Hikiyama was 1741 when it was dubbed the shrine roof of Prince Ubugami Hachiman Shrine, the predecessor of Yatsuo Hachiman Shrine. It is said that the beginning was to dedicate Hina dolls inherited from Masatoshi Maeda, the Toyama lord , amateur actor to the dedication and tow the Hikiyama around the town on the way back.

After that, each town built Hikiyama as if it displayed the wealthy wealth of the Yatsuo people, and built up six gorgeous Hikiyama, which is the present day, to compete with each other.

Features and structure

Yatsuo Hikiyama is a two-layer structure with a height of 7.5m and a weight of about 4t, and is decorated with more than 20 sculptures. Most of the subjects are based on literature and art, but the hermits who have a longevity of eternity can be seen everywhere, and the wishes of people who want to stay healthy and live longer are included.
Curtain with the crests of each town are set up on the four pillars in the upper part of the roof, and dolls that serve as a sacred body are placed.In addition, the musical accompaniment in the lower part will be used by the musicians to play the instruments such as the shamisen, side flute, and drums, and make the Hikiyama cruise.
Currently, six Hikiyama, which collects the best of Etchu arts and crafts, are designated as a tangible folk cultural property of Toyama Prefecture, and three of them are on permanent display at the Yatsuo Hikiyama Exhibition Hall.

Luxury decoration

Gorgeous Hikiyama, which is lavishly decorated with works of master craftsmen of Edo Period, such as sculpture, lacquer work, and metal engraving.

It is a proof and a pride of the prosperity of the Yao townsman's culture, which has built up a wealth of wealth in Japan.


1. Kowaki Carving (Nishimachi)

    It is carved to capture a tense moment
2. Wheels (Kamishinma) 

    It is decorated with gorgeous metal fittings for water carp
3. Kowaki-bori (Nishi town)

    It is a hermit that has been a subject of painting since ancient times
4. A large carved (Ima town)

    It is Kototaka hermit who is said to have lived for 800 years in the long-lived sage

アンカー 2

Exhibition room Akiji World/Silkworm and Yatsuo town

Akiji World

We are exhibiting woodblock prints and paintings by Hayashi Akiji, a printmaker who loved his hometown Yatsuo for his entire life and left many prints and paintings on the theme of Owara-kazenobon.

After graduating from higher elementary school, Akiji apprentices at a clothing store in Tokyo and opens a clothing store after returning home.

 After that, by interacting with literary people such as Kosugi Hoan who was the author of Owara's lyrics "the Yatsuo four seasons" and Kissaburo Wakayanagi who choreographed the new dance. Even now, both of them are very famous people in Japan.

He began to devote himself to the arts all at once. The lyrical and familiar works of Akiji are still loved by the people of Yatsuo.

アンカー 8

65×102 cm   Around 1955

People ware enjoying the Owara-dancing under the blooming cherry blossoms of the castle mountains.

アンカー 7

Silkworm and Yatsuo town

Yatsuo Town thrived in the sericulture industry from the Edo period to the prewar days, and it produced a large number of silkworm seeds (silkworm eggs) and shipped them nationwide.

It supported the lives of people in this town and fostered the culture of Hikiyama and Owara-kazenobon. In this exhibition room, the history of sericulture and sericulture tools are displayed.

1. Silkworm nests that were used until the spread of rotary glaze
2. Moe yellow raw silk is from the wild silkworm
3. Silkworm seed paper, in which silkworm eggs were found on 

  Japanese paper, was sold all over Japan by Toyamamedicine dealer

アンカー 6

Hikiyama artistry

A large panel is installed for viewing while comparing the history and characteristics of the six Hikiyama.
A 1/7 scale model of Nishi town's Hikiyama and poster designs for successive Hikiyama festivals are also on display.

Statue of Junji Kawasaki

Junni Kawasaki, the first chairman of the Owara Preservation Society, invested his personal property while acting as a doctor, and invited Yatsuo town to the people who were involved in the poetic writings and calligraphy of each group in order to raise their personality to a more sophisticated art. Owara to revive.

アンカー 3

Hall / Kazenobon stage, Owara viewing

Kazenobon stage

Price     1,500 yen per person
Date     Second and fourth Saturday of every month, every month from February to November
Hours   1:30pm to 2:30pm (60 minutes required)
Contents It is a regular performance that you can enjoy straw alone. Groups are also possible.

In addition to the solo and singing ,playing the shamisen and kokyu, gorgeous stage dance, you can enjoy the Owara as much as you want with the dance in a circle that the performer and the audience dance together.

Owara viewing (group reservation required)

Price     1,500 yen per person (In the case of less than 50 people, 75,000 yen per group)
Date     Group reservation system (IYou can make a reservation according to the travel process.)
Hours   Depending on the reservation time (about 20 minutes required)
Contents You can enjoy three kinds of dances of the Owara dance on the stage.

アンカー 4


At the shop, we have a large number of goods such as DVDs/CDs, guidebooks, and postcards, as well as special products with the theme of Owara and Hikiyama.Some products can be purchased at the online shop "Yorozuya よろずや", so please take a look.

アンカー 5


From Etchu-Yatsuo Station on the JR

  Takayama Line

・11 minutes by Yatsuo Machi Meguri Bus, just off

  the front of Hikiyama Exhibition Hall

From Toyama Airport

・20 minutes by taxi

You coming by bus from Toyama Station

・Take 50 minutes to Kumano/Hayahoshi/Arisawa

 bound for Yatsuokagami-machi, get off at

    Yatsuokagami-machi (end point), and 5 minutes walk

You coming by car

・25 minutes from Toyama IC or Toyama Nishi IC on

  the Hokuriku Expressway
  We have a parking lot available (free of charge)

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